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                                 /  ̄ ̄.\
                             / /  ̄ヽ ヽ
                              / /     jイノ!
                              ,' /
                      /!「 ̄`|/: : `ァー-,,
                       r': : :|l: : :.f: : : :./´ ゙̄.゙\ 
                        ∧: : :.|: : :.|: : :./: : :.:.;.: : : : \
     t;ー-zト> '  ̄ ヽ⌒'´ ̄ \|:.〈: : :.l: : :.|: : :}: : : :/: : :.〃: :.\    
      ヽ/             ヽ=ーz;__:.L.:⊥:.:._:|: : :.j仁:.\: :|
      ./  /         |       ヽ    ̄>‐z:.:\イ:ト、: : : V-.、
     /   /  / ,   /|  |i  i    |   _/^'ヌ´ \:.〉:|:.:|: : /!  .|
     ハ  /  / // ./! l i  |l  | h   }x'⌒Z/    r': :.|ーl/| ,. {
    { | |l l.{ ハトxLl. N\|ヽ┼|.}‐ | i| ヽ |: : 〉   |. ̄    | /. ヽ
   _,rー'∨ハ 从{〈 f'¨i     fi⌒i.ヾ! ! |lハ__N ̄ _,. イ      | |    |
  /  ̄ ̄ ヽ.ト{ .}. 辷l ,.   l仁リ イ ,ハ / | }ヽ ,>‐- 、 |      | | 〜‐ |
.〈      ,二二ス_  ,__  _ノjノ_,)'ー-‐ '´ ̄ ̄ヽ\     j/^ー〜'
  \_ヽ / / ̄ ̄ヽー‐/ /  ̄\ \            ト、 __/
      }_l__,ハヽ_l_j__|_,}. 〈 〈l | ./ , }  }   / __ /
        ` ̄      ヽ'ー'‐'-'<!/ヽ-‐'´ ̄

- Updates -
March 29th, 2008
Finnaly upgraded the phpbb forums that was made in like 2003, to 2009!Finnaly updated this post too! Would like to thank everyone for helping make the site possible, and making it one of the largest FFXI resources of images on the net. Be sure to checkout our ffxi gallery!

October 28, 2008
Nearing gallery compleation... it'll be one of the biggest sources for FFXI on the net most likely (thats NA). Also a note, "hammering" the site has lead to many bans, please do not use any "mass downloaders" or you will unfortunantly get banned.

March 15, 2008
New image board finnaly added or in the process of it, hopefully this will help people find what they are looking for easier, and maybe less "duplicate" images!

January 01, 2008
New year for new stuff, hopefully will be adding a image board afetr some tests at some point and looking foward to what new stuff 2008 brings :P

October 20, 2007
Website host having DNS problem recently, so site may sometimes appear offline or something, usualy fixed within a few hours.

August 16th
Been having alot "connection issues" with host lately but still goin as usual and randomly... I should update this more often! Anyway I'm still looking into making a possible danbarou clone on here, jsut need to find... "The script" that makes it that isn't all buggy.

July 19, 2007
Only a month+ per update on this page! ANyway, recently introduced FTP usage for a few people so they can host images/videos for neko-sentai. I've also been making WoW raid videos of the guild I'm in DOing SSC/TK so far. Also as an extra note, glow in the dark keyboards seem to suck horribly.

May 11, 2007
Guess I should update this once in awhile! Anyway recently made a WoW section for WoW players, added a site function "ignore" for the many requests for it, please check the site news for details on what all it can and cannot do!

- Updates -
January 30th 2007
Guess I should write something here O_o. Anyway website sdoing pretty well so far, been keeping somewhat up to date with the verious MMORPG's of people that play them, and that I play also. Been expanding out to Phantasy star Universe and possibly soon a "WoW" section. Hope to have a Ragnarok online 2 Section also when that games out :P

December 8th 2006
Guess I should add something to here :P Anyway, sites been doing pretty well, expanded a section out to cover Phantasy Star Universe while keeping up with the FFXI stuff. Don't forget, if you are having trouble registering and do not recive a e-mail within 10min? of signup, to post in the guest section or write to gulkeeva atsign nekosentai.com

September 23rd 2006
Sites moved to a new host, had a little trouble with the sql database but finnaly got it working.

September 20th 2006
Changing to a new host to one thats alot better with more abdnwdith and Space for the site I run. May take time for the changes!

August 5th 2006
Just a reminder "any and all material" posted on this site is resposibility of the poster. This site is not responsible for anything anyone posts. if you have any questions or comments please contact [email protected] . Also the site operator is not responsible with what a person does with the material on this site or what happens to the user for viewing this site in any way or form.

July 14th 2006
So far seems all well with the site, seems somewhat poular just for mainly the hentai haha >.>
I'll probably slightly upgrade the server sometime since it looks like it may reach its bandwidth limit before the end of the month, the site seems really popular from various dozens of Linkshells forums, hentai webforums to wikipedia and mithra/cat fans all around the world.

当サイトは一部に 成年向けコンテンツ を含みます。

助けを必要とすれば。援助のための電子メール[email protected] 。あなたの電子メールを書く使用http://world.altavista.com/tr 。

June 21st 2006
Got the forums working soorta, you'll need to register before you can post, might be a bit before the ability to do attachments will be working (bigger then 2MB). Might in the future change the board later on, took alot effort to addin that attachment mod to a somewhat working state :P
You will need to register to view hentai sections.

June 16th 2006
Might get around to finishing the board lately been so busy with exp static and HNM stuff, while trying to keepup on the Blue magic Learning. I'm thinking I might try vbulliten instead of phpbb since I saw a nice mod for image attachments (multi image attachment with file size etc info).

June 5th 2006
Been busy alot in the FFXI world and having to do some yard work outside (man the yard looks like hell after not touching it for 3months+ O_o). Anyway I'll try to get the last bits of the site up and working. I might try posting a weekly bunch of doujins or something to get things started :P

May 30th 2006

Got a forum design up, working on making the attachment addon for phpBB working before I set the board for public use. Still gotta workout some minor details though :P


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